Finished check challenge

Thank you for your lovely comments on my wardrobe. You all have great skills so I value your feedback. Here’s the write up I owe you. The check challenge is now finished and I’m hoping to wear it to our Christmas party. We’re having a lunch and you have to wear something Christmassy. This usually translates to wearing something loud and I think this toile fits the bill.

Below are some of the check challenges I had to overcome.

The pinning that you can see on the left was one of my OMG moments to get the lines to match at the waist. I also needed to get the bodice to sit right with the skirt properly. This took a few ‘sleeps’ to manage. The back bodice lines didn’t match at the centre back seam so I added pink bias tape to separate the lines. It was just an idea I had, so I gave it a go. The white twill tape at the neckline was what I used to get the zipper up, while it was in its unfinished stage.

If I make this again it will definitely be with a darker coloured soft fabric and I’ll add more to the depth to shoulder line so that I can wear a bra and not have the straps show. In case you’re wondering about the back skirt darts, I’ve since adjusted these because of what I saw when I took this photo and the changes are now on the pattern pieces.
By the way, a cousin who was a really keen sewer years ago called me last night to get advice on a dress that she’s making without a pattern. The fact that she called me really floored me. I really believe that sharing ideas and sewing regularly keeps our skills fresh.

work wardrobe

Since I’ve done a few separate pieces I thought you might be interested in how I put these pieces together for work. There’s nothing too flash about how I style my wardrobe but each piece fits well. The only piece I didn’t make was the beige skirt. I bought it because I loved the style and fabric.

Check challenge

I decided to have a go at M5466.

The check is large and navy blue, so I’ve used a dark blue bias on the sleeve hem. 
The sleeve doubles on itself so I’ve used the bias tape for a smoother hem.

This shows how I lowered the neckline by using the facing, a blue pen and a french curve, to help line up the neckline better.

It’s now 7.30pm and I’m giving up for tonight – I think.

Housework weekend

I had a quick look at the calendar ahead and in the coming weeks there are a few pre-Christmas functions happening. Last night I decided to clean the kitchen while I pondered what to sew next, time permitting. 
Today I cleaned the front driveway, again, trying to decide on what to sew next.
Now I’m fixing clothes that need mending, but I just bought fabric when all I needed was a replacement zipper.

The red fabric ($5/m) is a linen cotton mix that is medium weight, but can be shaped easily. I think this will eventually become a pencil skirt with pockets.
The tea cup panel fabric ($2/panel) is a light weight cotton and I love the print. Now this could become anything from an sundress or skirt. 

Right now I still have ‘no idea’.