Boardies – M5633

My beach wardrobe is still progressing thanks to the Queens B’day weekend. McCalls 5633 is another unused pattern that I tackled to make boardshorts.

I had a quick squiz at those who had made these before and low and behold Sue had shared her disappoinment with this pattern. Thanks for sharing your experiences Sue. You made me do a bit more planning.
This pattern is really high at the front and I took off 1cm from the centre front so I added a black ‘click together’ belt with black tape. The black tape is the sort of tape you find on backpacks, so this won’t be affected by saltwater.
I kind of misjudged the room I needed for my rear I resewed the back seam. There’s a dart at the back and I added this in to get a better fit.
Every seam edge is overlocked. The belt carriers and waistline are the biggest bugbears of this pattern. I would have preferred to add a waistband, and I’ll do this next time. I’ve also skipped the cuffs. The front zipper is a chunky plastic navy zip that was in my stash too.
I haven’t shortened the rashie, I’ve just rolled it under so you can see how the waistline fits.

When I tried to prewash the fabric, the water just beaded on it, so I’m sure it will be good when I’m in the surf.

Rashie – Kwik Sew 2881

I love water sports and the thought of sunbathing on a hammock for a week gives me the willies, so while DH and I are on hols, I intend to do some water sports that I don’t get to do at home.

The only rashie top I own is a tight number that I bought in Hawaii five years ago and it even says, Hawaii five O on it. The pink top above is my toile. The fabric is again from Pitt Trading when we did swimwear classes at PT with Roberta. The boardies are new, but I have plans to make some this week.

The key change I made was I added 4cm to the side panel on the second rashie around my hips.
I also got DH to try one on because this pattern is for men. He’ll need a XL version and he already has a few in his wardrobe so I’ll make one for him when he needs one. I have used the budgie smugglers in this pattern for DH and he loves them.

Not a jumpsuit – McCalls 6083

After watching episodes of Love Boat in the 70’s, when I saw this jumpsuit I thought I could image myself as Julie McCoy, cruise director. Reality hit me when my toile fabric was way too short to cut out the pants pieces for view E, so I came back to earth and used the rest of the fabric and made a dress.

Yes, Julie was skin and bones so that part of my reality didn’t cloud my sewing judgement.
This fabric is another piece that I picked up from Pitt Trading last year. I liked the colours in this knit so it was always going to be a challenge to match the print, keep the style simple without becoming a clown suit.
I’ve used a thick black elastic piece to join the top to the skirt. This is definitely going to be a day dress when we on holidays in the tropics. The gathers at the top of the jumpsuit were easier for me to pleat, so I did 9 pleats per side. You can’t tell when you look closely, but it made the shoulder line sit nicely.

I’ve got some black sandals that I’ll wear with this when going through the local marketplace. There’s no lycra in this fabric so I know it will stretch and bag but it will do for a week on hols.

The tropics – Kwik sew 2689 + Style 1558

Technically speaking I have used an unused pattern.

The fabric is from Pitt Trading when Roberta was still in Sydney and that was a few years ago… I’ve used Kwik Sew 2689 before but I did need to adjust the bottoms for my own comfort. I added a black band on top because hipsters don’t suit me.

The second top was Style 1558. Style 1558 is a pattern from the 70’s that I discovered when I was trying to put my patterns on a spreadsheet. Sorting my patterns is a winter task, when I want to get inspiration and am stuck for sewing ideas.
Style 1558 was available at a time before current swimwear fabric was available. How’s that for a textile history lesson?

Both tops and bottom are lined and I’ve used a zigzag stitch on all seams. I’ve also used butterfly clips on both tops.
The reason I’m currently making swimwear is because I’m heading north for a week to escape the cold soon.