Here’s the dress I’m currently adjusting to fit my body shape. This pattern is fitted and conservative but can be changed to suit the occasion or fabric choice.

After checking my measurements, I found that I needed to do a full bust adjustment or FBA. This was because the difference between my chest measurement and high bust point measurement was more that 5cm difference. This is something that only an expensive minimiser bra could overcome.

I had to keep remembering that I was with a sewing guru, Angie Zimmerman, and my aim was to relearn tailoring basics. As you can see, there is a new side bust dart, but I reckon, it’s got to fit well or why bother.

This shows you the full derriere adjustment or FDA I needed to cover my seat. I also needed to increase the back width. More to come…

Completely pink

Here’s the jacket. I love how it’s worked out.
What I avoided was adding buttons and buttonholes by using ‘snaps’.

After trying to use an overlocker, I cut the stitching off the seams and the seams will remain unfinished. Hopefully the princess with wear this outfit to bits.

I know the fashions is to mix it up and not to match clothing, so she should now have a twin set that can have separate identities…

It’s "pink"

My niece loves pink. She’s a girlie girl and when I found this fabric I knew it would suit her.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn for a child so when I spied this fabric at Pitt Trading, I knew that it would be perfect for her.

Lincraft had Burda patterns for half-price and this has pants, skirt, top and cardigan all in one pattern. It’s got a range of sizes so it will last her for a couple of years.

Here’s a newer Burda girl pattern to try.

The zip jacket

Here’s the pattern I used to make the zip brown jacket.
I’m not going to review it on patternreview because Lincraft doesn’t print this anymore.

McCalls 4596 is a recent zip jacket that I made up in blue last year.

The instructions are good and this is an easier pattern to fit because it has princess lines to the shoulder seam.