Fabric stash #11 – Butterick 3597

Excuse the dark colours, but this is a grey-black marle stretch weave fabric. The skirt is made from left over pieces of this fabric. I originally made this into pants, that I’ve worn out (almost) and two years ago, I made this jacket.

Both skirt and jacket are not lined. They are overlocked and I’ve used overlocking on the back of the skirt. I didn’t have an invisible zip so I used a normal zipper. I love invisible zips but it wasn’t that hard to put in a normal dress zip.

The waistline is finished with twill tape, because it’s quick and I know that I’ll probably wear this skirt to shreds in no time at all.

The fabric is as stiff as a board but the stretch had just enough to give for my liking. The fabric was from Home Yardage and the store has been closed for over two years.

I’ve got a few pieces of this fabric left and I should chuck it out – but I haven’t.

Fabric stash #10 – Kwik sew 2694

This pattern has two very flattering cross-over tops. This is an extension of view B. I’ve used white fold over elastic because:
a) I didn’t have fold over elastic in brown
b) If I did have brown fold over elastic, the elastic would have hidden in the fabric print.

The fabric pattern does match up at the side seams, through no planning on my part. I think this was due to happen because of the way the fabric print repeats so frequently.

If you’re into finished seams, this knit doesn’t need any. I cut the pattern out last night (Saturday) and put it together this morning, before we went for a bike ride this morning.

I used ‘seams great’ on the shoulder seam, to keep the neck/shoulder line stable. ‘Seams great’ is a reliable product to use on knits. The fabric is from Emmaonesock.

Fabric stash #9 – Simplicity 9747

This basic a-line dress is simple to make and easy to wear. The fabric is a dark blue-grey linen that I bought early last year. I’ve already made this fabric into two skirts and a zip-front jacket. The fabric is from a Tessutis’ sale.

The fabric crushes like all good linen should but it works so well with this pattern.
I’m really pleased that I’ve finally made up this dress because the fabric fits well into my work wardrobe.

The next thing I’ll do is make a belt to go with it – but after the fabric stash competition ends.

Please note, the rubgy season has started again so it’s back to Friday/Saturday night sewing again – unless I get my social calendar into gear…

Fabric stash #8 – Kwik sew 2683

I gave into using a lettuce edge finish on this top because of the skirt style and jacket that I’ll team it with.
I bought this fabric from Emmaonesock over two years ago and it’s the most light-weight jersey I’ve ever bought. It wrinkles easily but it’s a great colour.
Blues and acqua are some of the colours that I love and I’m so glad that I’ve finally made these fabrics into wearable pieces.

Fabric stash #7 – Kwik sew 2683

This fabric piece was one that I thought would be a good pattern for one-piece swimmers. The background is dark so I’ve now made it into a basic top that I can wear with jeans or brown work clothes.
The fabric is a light-weight poly jersey. I didn’t have enough for long sleeves so I used short sleeves.
Since wearing this top in our humid summer, it’s comfortable but could be nipped in a bit to hug my waistline better.

Fabric stash #6

I bought this fabric after a nine-day stay in Hawaii five years ago. It’s got two-way stretch and good memory. The fabric has some weight to it so now it’s a t-shirt dress with it’s own belt.

I don’t have a skirt pattern that I attach to the top pattern. What I do to extend the top pattern to a dress length is:
* measure my largest front width, and add that 10cm below the waist for the front extension. I usually make my skirts 22″long at the front.
* at the back I also measure my widest part and do the same, but make the length 23″long at the back, to cover my backside.

Yes, my sewing room is very active (messy) at the moment.

Fabric stash #5

I loved the colour of this fabric when I bought it at Cabramatta and I originally thought to use this fabric with a contrasting knit net print. I’ll do that anyway but I decided to make this top using a feature from a Burda world of fashion belt feature.
The top is my basic knit top that I use all the time so now it’s got a belt feature.